Keynote Presentation and Story Strategy

Former Red Hat President and CEO, Jim Whitehurst. giving the opening keynote at Red Hat Summit 2016

I can help you craft and hone a story that is particular to your experience, your audience, and your industry.


Creating a presentation in this way is a true collaboration involving interviews to pull out the personal knowledge and passion behind your points. I do research to peg those points to current events and trends relevant to your audience. We come back together to weave the story into a cohesive and interesting presentation.


We sit together to think, to create, and to practice.


When it's your time to present, you're ready to connect and deliver something worth sharing.

"Elisabeth is an extraordinary synthesizer and storyteller. 

She approaches everything with intellectual curiosity, empathy, and gobs of research."

—  Elwin Loomis 

Entrepreneur, Former Director of Engineering, Target; Senior Director, Store of the Future, Target


Branded Documentary Storytelling


SPARKcon: Open Creativity. Stronger Community, produced by Red Hat Films 

An audience has more content than time to consume it.  Time is arguably our most valuable commodity.


Show your audience that you value their time and commit to connecting with them.

Tell a story.

I can help you find your story and kick off a creative effort to connect with your community.  

**In the examples above I worked with a creative and passionate team. We all had input into every step of the process. I was able to provide research, story structure, script and interview guide writing, as well as travel with the crew as the on set interviewer with some production responsibilities.  |  919.917.7650 |  Raleigh, NC  |  © 2020 by Elisabeth Effron 

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